Omeoenergetica® acts in a strategic way where cellular physiology shows signs of impairment: it intervenes directly in the deeper layers of the skin, by means of a completely biocompatible energy. It restores harmony in metabolic processes, stimulates the vital ones and reactivates the natural anti-aging mechanisms, thanks to nutritional elements of natural origin and proven effectiveness.

The deep results of the method are also due to the extremely personalized treatments, tailored on every visage. The skin of different individuals, in fact, differs in terms of thickness, sensitivity, hydration and each one has different needs, which change over time.

The Omeoenergetica® Specialist will study and design a beauty itinerary based on the features of your skin. Furthermore, the treatments will eliminate face and neck tensions, so as to provide you not only a visible, deep and long-lasting result from the very first session, but also a feeling of well-being like you never experienced before.


Fast, strong and deep. A periodic appointment, essential to restore vitality and brightness to the skin, as well as tone it thanks to the increased production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

But there’s more: starting from the very first session, the treatment re-educates the skin, even the most sensitive one, to keep its natural defenses functional and reactivate the rejuvenation processes. The results will be increasingly visible.

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It immediately restores brightness and freshness to stressed and graying skin and focuses on specific imperfections such as wrinkles, hypersensitivity or hypotonia. It involves all areas of the upper body related to the blemish. Thus, the result is even more surprising and long-lasting.

The Combined Face Treatment includes manual techniques, dedicated functional cosmetic products and a cutting-edge technology. All of these transform the session into a real, pleasant and relaxing wellness treatment, which is then completed with specific products for skin care, selected by the Specialist according to the needs of each individual customer. At the end, the benefit will not only be aesthetic, but you will perceive a deep sensation of energy and vitality.

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