Body Products


Cleansing is the first stage in the anti-aging treatment: every centimeter of the skin becomes a vector for the active ingredients contained in the AME complex. The delicate notes of aromatic heart awaken the senses and transform the daily shower into a true wellness treatment.


One of the main effects of stress on the skin is dehydration. Maintaining proper water content in the tissue is critical for a soft, firm skin with a youthful, healthy appearance.

Moisturizing Body Firming Milk


The Liposoline line addresses localized adiposity from an aesthetic point of view, to attenuate and prevent the effect of “orange peel skin” and provide the skin itself with a more compact and smooth appearance.


Where there are localized fat deposits, there is always an alteration of the microcirculation: rebalancing it with a constant stimulus is an effective method to fight the excess fat.

Leg Firming and Toning Cream
Cream for Toned and Dynamic Legs works out with you, is ideal both before and after physical activity, to help you cope with physical exertion and quickly relieve the feeling of fatigue.

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