Face Products

Face preparation

It acts in depth, effectively removing make-up and impurities, with a strong oxygenating action on the skin. This product is essential to counteract skin stress: by promoting the adhesion of corneocytes, it helps make the epidermis more compact and prevents its dehydration.


To face the most evident imperfections or to increase the skin’s defenses in particularly stressful moments, Omeoenergetica® has studied two serums to make the action of face creams even more effective.


Each emulsion contains high amounts of active ingredients, able to quickly rebalance the skin’s metabolism, increase the skin’s defense capabilities and restore a healthy and radiant appearance.


Omeoenergetica® has studied special formulations for the face, the most effective way to protect and nourish the skin in depth with a targeted treatment, in the beauty center as well as at home.

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