Battle the effects of stress and fatigue with a wellness experience. Entrust yourself to the expert hands of the Omeoenergetica® Specialist. Starting from the very first session, the body regains lightness and energy, the quality of sleep improves, attention and concentration ability increases.

The benefits are not limited to the psychological-physical area, but are also reflected in the look of the skin, which appears brighter and more homogeneous, a beauty which is the expression of a healthy organism.


A real restoration of mind and body. The ancient knowledge of aromatherapy, enclosed in high quality essential oils, acts in synergy with special massage techniques. The treatment turns into a ritual, in which each phase has a specific purpose, each essence has its own function, to involve all the systems of the body and bring harmony back to them.

In a short time, once physical and psychophysical tensions are eliminated, the feeling is that of a global well-being, which will be with you for a long time.


A path of rebirth for the entire body, which combines the millenary tradition of aromatherapy and massage with a state-of-the-art modern technology.

Awakened in depth, the organism sets in motion to restore balance between its systems and rediscover all its hidden vitality. Thanks to the use of a biocompatible energy, the energetic and metabolic processes are stimulated naturally and in depth: it will be the body itself that will find and maintain its own vitality and harmony: for this reason, the feeling of well-being will be real and will last over time.

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